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0.54 Ct. radiant Diamond

D · SI1 · not specified · GIA
€ 2.696VAT included.
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This 0.54 Ct. radiant diamond with D colour, SI1 clarity and not specified cut is officially certified by the GIA

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Diamonds with a radiant cut provide a fire and brillance that's only being topped by Round diamonds. If you're on a budget you may get away with a lower colour grading opossed to the other shapes.

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0.54 carat

A 0.54 Ct. diamond matches with various ring settings or any other jewelry. They can be used as a stand-alone or be part of a collection of multiple gemstones.

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SI1 clarity

This 0.54 Ct. diamond has been labeled as SI1. And although it's not flawless it will still have a brilliant sparkle. Inclusions are barely visible and in many cases only with magnification.

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D colour

D colour diamonds belong to the most transparent diamonds (D,E,F). Diamond colours range from D-Z meaning these beautiful gemstones are the most translucent imaginable.

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